Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fritz de Quervain 3 - Brad HG 0

Come on! I previously knew that Swiss surgeon Fritz de Quervain had managed to secure eponymous bragging rights to both a mysterious thyroiditis and a super-common tendon syndrome (he beat out washerwoman's sprain in the popularity contest for this name, so you know he was good...), but I just found out that he also was the person who first thought to introduce iodized table salt to the civilized world. He is responsible for keeping us all from walking around with golf-balls in our throats, for gosh sake.

This guy's overachieving is really making my own accomplishments seem embarrassing... I mean, 6th grade state regional spelling bee runner-up should count for something!!!

He is to medicine trivia what Jason Statham is to superfluous British fast-car-thievery-OMGZexplosions-adrenaline-wowsers-action films... learn to share a little!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A somewhat less substantial update...

While not on the level of recommending a TV show with cheesy murder plots and smart, nimble dialogue, I do have a bit to share with you (as a means to the end of avoiding studying Clinical Medicine).

First, I think that the only appropriate thing to do would
 be to pay tribute to something truly inspiring and powerful in our world.  Yes, as I'm sure you agree, the twice-baked potato is a paragon of perfection.  Not sure what you want to eat?  Grab a potato, possibly one of the most bland foods in the world, bake that baby, scoop it out, mix in a little bit of everything that you like, regardless of how decadent or excessive it may seem, stuff it back in the potato carcass, overload it with cheese and bacon for good measure, add some more bacon and cheese, and warm it up.  Mmmmm, mmmmm...

As seeing is how my birthday is only 6 months and 6 days away, I thought I should let you know now what you should buy for me (I promise I'll act surprised).  Drive to West Chester, PA and purchase this first-edition of Dostoevsky's "Brother's Karamazov."  Please and thank you!

You may be asking yourself, what have the HG's been up to for the past 6 months since abandoning their blog?  

We have: gone back to the mitten state for the holidays, gone to NYC for new years, had fun going out in the city with friends, gone to concerts, gone to the book barn, drank a lot of coffee, read many books, etc.
Maggie has: taken German and yoga classes, gone to upstate New York snowboarding with friends, learned out to crochet like a pro, read even more books, etc.
I have: studied.

Finally, you should listen to Clare & The Reasons.  Maggie and I went to a My Brightest Diamond concert and the opener (C&TR) was outstanding.  They had character, they had charisma, they had humor, and they had blinky lights.  If you have some free time, you should watch this video to see an entire set from each band from the same tour that we saw.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A monumental post to break the silence...

You should watch Psych

Tv may rot your brain, but at least this way the ol' rotting process will be entertaining.