Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fritz de Quervain 3 - Brad HG 0

Come on! I previously knew that Swiss surgeon Fritz de Quervain had managed to secure eponymous bragging rights to both a mysterious thyroiditis and a super-common tendon syndrome (he beat out washerwoman's sprain in the popularity contest for this name, so you know he was good...), but I just found out that he also was the person who first thought to introduce iodized table salt to the civilized world. He is responsible for keeping us all from walking around with golf-balls in our throats, for gosh sake.

This guy's overachieving is really making my own accomplishments seem embarrassing... I mean, 6th grade state regional spelling bee runner-up should count for something!!!

He is to medicine trivia what Jason Statham is to superfluous British fast-car-thievery-OMGZexplosions-adrenaline-wowsers-action films... learn to share a little!!!