Monday, February 25, 2008

Moving along a long list of to-dos...

In the spirit of all of the to-do lists that we are moving through before we relocate, I have an in-progress list of things I am looking forward to about Philadelphia (as a side note, you apparently cannot call it Philly until you live there):
  • NOT waking up at 4:30
  • NOT having us both drive 70 miles a day
  • The sun
  • A new exciting job for Maggie
  • NOT breathing in chemicals forty hours a week
  • Starting afresh
  • More space
  • Exploring a new city
    • with historical significance
    • with new restaurants
  • Having the chance to pursue some freelance writing
  • Meeting new people
  • ...
Of course there are things that we are not happy about, such as leaving really great friends (oh, how we've been reminded of that over the last week or so), family and the Saab - but we're certainly concentrating on the positives, and being very excited at that.

Packing is in progress...


Jeremy Benson said...

i've heard that the historical significance is a little over-rated.

Megan said...

next on your list of things to look forward to:

having your really great friends come out to see you at your fantastic new place! :)

hope your to-do list is getting shorter!

abbie bruins said...

oh boy. you left 12 minutes ago!!! i can hardly believe it.
did i hear (or read, rather) you say freelance writing? sounds wild.
quiero que su vida en philadelphia sea muy prospero y todo lo que esperas.
(let's hope that's grammatically correct. ha.)
check out your facebook. i "friended" you! ;)
miss you already maggie!

Maureen said...

Maggie: How will we ever replace you! Hope your trip was safe and fun - we all miss you already!!!