Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rare Sitings of the Elusive Creatures' Nest

Deep in the hustle and bustle of the Hatborian life, it is difficult to catch glimpses of the famously stylish apartment of Maggie and Brad, much like that of the evasive mating rituals of the kakapo. Native to New Zealand, it only breeds every three or four years. Thus, it has taken much concentration and patience from our skilled team of photographers to capture such priceless poses of the hatborian-homedwelling-photographic-momentus-bradagonian-maggiestific scenery. Enjoy.

Here you will find the exotically fashionable Living Room.

Where most professional chefs would drool with envy, you will find a quaintly awesome Kitchen & Spa Extraordinaire.

The Bathroom, complete with running water and a painting of the site of The Engagement
(La Calle Alcalá, Madrid, España)

As these creatures must venture forth from their dwellings, they must first dine and then ride. This is best accomplished with the aid of a dazzling dinner table and bike storage facility.

And finally, a brief siting of one of the creatures napping with his feline companions. Shhhhhhhhhh......this is a rare siting indeed.

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