Monday, March 24, 2008

We're still alive, I promise...

In fact, we are very alive, and very busy. I can only sit here so long sipping at coffee before I have to take off for work, so I cannot write much. But I will give you a taste of our last week.
  • I made homemade corn chowder. Not to toot my own horn, but it was outstanding.
  • We successfully got our driver licenses and car registration. (After having previously been turned away from the PennDot for not having sufficient proof of residency - a bank statement with our new address did not count, apparently - the last time they never even asked for any proof of residency. I almost shoved our mailings in his face just as retribution.)
  • Went to Mutter's museum and a piece of the a tumor of John Wilkes Booth and other medical oddities.
  • We had two great friends from Oklahoma, Daniel and Adrienne, visit us. This was a blast.
  • We had a great friend from New Jersey, David, visit us the next day. He got an iPhone and made me jealous.
  • We visited with Maggie's aunts and uncles at a HUGE summer home on the Chesapeake in Maryland. This included seeing Maggie's new cousin who was recently adopted from China.
All in all, a crazy week, but a blast.
(I'll update this with pictures later...)

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alisonicole said...

Looks like you are definitely keeping busy...but having a good time!